La Vie Rustic

La Vie Rustic

What is La Vie Rustic, you might ask?

Herbes de Provence $8. at

It is an on-line store dedicated to bringing, in the French style, the best and most authentic products to the new wave of backyard and urban gardeners, animal husbandmen and women, home cooks, and anyone, anywhere who, like me, wishes to practice a sustainable lifestyle mindfully producing, cooking, and caring for their own food, even if only a small part of it.

The store opened September 3, 2014,  where people have been purchasing all kinds of products, including  Heirloom French Lettuce and Chicory Seed Collections, Sel de Figues, Herbes de Provence, Fresh Bouquets of Sweet Bay Laurel, seeds for strewing a field of Red Poppies, Vintage French flatware, and even Petits Pots for Escargots and bulbs for Saffron Crocus.

Roulade, or French style pancetta set – you need only purchase a pork belly. Photo by Thomas Kuoh.

The products have been featured in numerous publications, including Sunset Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Sacramento News and Review, Edible Marin and Wine Country, Remodelista and more. See the links to these on

Come and visit and see the simple, but beautiful things you can buy to enrich life in the French style.