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Here you’ll find me blogging  and posting about different things I find interesting around food, wine, culture, travel, my garden, projects,  reflections, and updates on my new on-line store, La Vie Rustic.  I‘m happy to say La Vie Rustic has been busily shipping Jambon Cru DIY sets, French Lettuce and French Chicory Seed Collections, and Sel de Figues, Sel d’Abricots and the new Sel de Prunes, and more for the holiday season.   www.lavierustic.com

My new blog post is The 13 Desserts of a Provencal Christmas and a Memory of Les Baux. The 13 desserts are a lovely tradition, very simple, but each with a meaning, and all relate to the regions fruits and nuts. I’ve included two recipes, one for Nougat Noir and one for a Tart au Noix with walnuts and almonds.

Visit my blog page on this site to read it.

In the Provence section of the website, you’ll find information about a village house to rent there, books, photos, and other items of interest centering around that magical place where I’ve lived off and on for many years. It just seemed it needed its own space on my website just like it has in my heart.

In Books, you’ll find almost all of the books I’ve authored or co-authored, along with awards and some of my favorite books by others.

In Recipes – I’ll be posting new ones every week or so, so keep visiting. In my previous  blog post you’ll find a recipe for Fresh Cranberry and Walnut Tart.

On Assignment showcases some of the articles I write for newspapers and magazines on travel and food. I’ve just put up links to my stories on the Costa Brava Wine Region and Bali, plus some new photos.

In the consulting category, Evans & Brennan, LLC continues to work to provide training to school lunch staff on world flavor profiles, and on cooking from scratch with seasonal produce. We also continue to write our blog, “Who’s Cooking School Lunch?” Do subscribe to this to read  interviews and see photos of real people cooking school lunch, plus guest blogs from the changing world of school lunch by the people making the changes.Check the new posts there.  www.whoscookingschoolunch.com

Here on the home page, I’ll post upcoming events such as cooking demonstrations and classes, tours and more.