A Kitchen in Lyon, France

lyonJune 21, 2013

Just back from a trip to Lyon and the Rhone-Alpes Region of France. One of the highlights of the trip was shopping and cooking with Lucy Vanel, owner of the cooking school, Plum Lyon. We set off early on a Friday morning for the market at the top of the Croix Rousse, the old silk workers district of Lyon and bought more food than we could possibly eat, but it all looked so good, so delicious, we couldn’t resist.

After we were loaded down with sausages, apples, pears, zucchini blossoms, goat cheese, tiny smelt, fresh anchovies, lemons, and more, we headed back to her place and set about cooking in her bright and cheery teaching kitchen where the clear light streamed in through the glass front.

The menu? Zucchini Blossoms Stuffed with Fresh Goat Cheese and Young Peas, Anchovies Braised with Lemons, Cheeses, and Tarte Tatin.

Lucy, a charming American married to a Frenchman, is a master at the Tarte Tatin, among other things. I highly recommend a visit to Plum Lyon and Lucy. For more information: www.plumlyon.com

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